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Elizabeth Dugan: A Newton voter for Rep. Kay Khan

Type:  Campaign 

 Newton —

On Election Day, I encourage you to vote for Rep. Kay Khan.


Her priorities in the State House are driven by the needs and values of the people of Newton and by her work as a registered nurse.


I first met Rep. Khan after learning she had sponsored legislation about older medically impaired drivers, which is my area of research. Kay explained that she was passionate about the issue because she had personal experience in her district and in her family with accidents involving medically impaired older drivers. As a nurse she recognized the clinical implications of the issue and as a legislator she saw the need for policy improvement in regard to medical reporting procedures.


Thus, she greatly advanced public safety and protected the rights of older drivers by playing a leadership role in the Massachusetts safe driving bill debate. Rep. Khan partnered with the Safe Roads Now Coalition (comprised of advocacy groups like AARP, The MA/NH Alzheimer’s Association, AAA, and academics and clinicians) to push for evidence-based policy. During this battle, Kay had the insight to propose a solution to a vexing problem and the experience and persistence to push her bill through the process. To her credit, she had the political chops to face down vocal and ageist opposition.


I came to see that she is served by a smart, hardworking staff and brings good sense and good will to Beacon Hill. If only we could clone her and send her to Washington.


—Elizabeth Dugan, Woodcliff Road


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