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Bill Dain: Experience matters in politics

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Bill Dain: Experience matters in politics

Posted Jul 14, 2012 @ 08:14 AM
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It is interesting that Ms. Swiston, the three-term do almost nothing alderman, says that State Sen. Kay Khan has "been there (the State Legislature) long enough."

Isn’t that kind of comment typical of Republicans: Avoid the issues and make meaningless claims. Does she imply the ridiculous notion that experience does not count in politics? It is noticeable in the TAB article [“Swiston takes on Khan in rep. race, June 27, page 1] that Rep. Khan talks about specific issues and accomplishments while the challenger does not.

She goes on to say that when we citizens of Newton meet her, we "realize the human being I am."  But, she stands for inhumane policies.

Her party supports the notion, ironically, that corporations are people too, and since they have lots of money, they tend to exercise more rights than real people.  Furthermore, those corporations with the support of the Republican Party, Ms. Swiston's party, have by virtue of a Supreme Court decision, Citizens' United, enabled the corporate sector and the richest of the rich (the 1%) to turn elections into auctions in which politicians and indeed the whole democratic process is sold off to the highest bidder. The highest bidder of course will never be a real person who struggles to pay the rent and work for a living.  Furthermore, the Republicans try to suppress the votes of low income, working class and minority voters, humans who tend to vote for Democrats. The Republican Party is fearful of the real exercise of democracy. Where does Ms Swiston stand on these issues?

Republicans always whine that Democrats don't like them. But the issue is that we are offended by the inhumane policies, words, and actions of the Republican party.

  —Bill Dain, Harvard Circle

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